Founder's Message

"Nurturing a New Generation of Entrepreneurs it's Our Responsibility" Young generation is the pioneer of the older generation new chapter of work and life, The successful ones will add significant value to or even help build our future world. They are the backbone of the economy. To achieve lasting progress, ACCI attaches great attention to nurture and learn from the next generation of business leaders. Some of these rising stars are already ahead of the curve, especially in the way they weave together their social and entrepreneurial passions in becoming entrepreneurs in their communities and also become active participants in the country's economy. Hence, ACCI hosted this Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award is to encourage and support them to step forward, to be known, and to stimulate their confidence to build the business and take it forward for the next successor. "Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy and running their own businesses despite the economic downturn inspires me, our Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs tonight are among the most courageous, fearless individuals have ever met. "They can make a difference in the world". Congratulations to you!